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HK Chamber of Seafood Merchants Ltd. (The Chamber) was established in 1998 and is a non-profit making and legally registered organization. Currently there are more than 80 fully paid up members in the Chamber which represents 90% of live seafood importers and wholesalers and 60% of distributors in the industry. According to the constitution the following personalities are welcome to join the Chamber.

(a) All live, chilled and frozen seafood importers, wholesalers and distributors;
(b) Marine Aqua-culture operators; and
(c)Seafood restaurant operators.

The set-up objective of the Chamber and its functions are: -

(a) To promote unity, co-operation, mutual benevolence and mutual assistance amongst members of the Chamber;
(b) To make application or representation to the Government or other appropriate authorities on any question or matter affecting the industry; and
(c) To promote, support or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the interest of the industry; and
(d) To collect and collate any information in connection with the seafood industry from foreign countries for our members.

Hong Kong Chamber of Seafood Merchants Limited